Custom Lead Generation Systems For Real Estate
Kantan & Company provides custom lead generation tools for real estate professionals, including developers, brokers, and agents. keyboard_arrow_down Contact Us
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Harness Technology for a Streamlined Sales Pipeline Generate valuable leads that can be converted into clients by using our innovative tools. Our lead generation services and marketing automation technology will give you edge you need in the real estate industry. keyboard_arrow_downFind the Right Solution 2 / 3 Do It for Your Success Kantan & Company has three approaches, DO IT YOURSELF (DIY), DO IT WITH ME (DIWM) and DO IT FOR ME (DIFM). Find out which one is better for your organization’s success. keyboard_arrow_down Learn More 3 / 3

Why Use Lead Generation Systems

There are always people looking for real estate. But when they can’t reach your organization, you miss out on valuable business opportunities. Kantan & Company is helping real estate professionals address this issue with our lead generation solutions and marketing automation technology. Discover how these innovations can propel your business to new levels of success.

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Why Work with Kantan & Company

When Kantan & Company was founded in 2012, we had one goal—to provide real estate developers, brokers, and agents with solutions that improved lead generation and conversion. Now, we have succeeded with our selection of services. When you choose us, you receive real estate lead generation systems that are geared towards helping you reach your short and long term goals. Kantan & Company is your partner in growing your business.

We’ll always recommend the appropriate help for you. Our success is based on how well you do.

What We Have to Offer

Lead Generation System

We are a lead generation agency for real estate. The system we developed stimulates interest in your listings and services to generate leads and drive sales.

Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing processes so you can focus on income-generating activities. With this innovative technology, you can make sure your marketing campaign effectively reaches your audience.

Sales Enablement

Improve sales with our sales enablement tools. Developed to help you sell more effectively, these tools provide you with the necessary material and resources to boost sales.

Kantan & Company helps us stay connected with our leads. With our custom lead generation system, we can easily monitor the conversion progression of our leads. These days, our business runs more smoothly because we’ve eliminated downtime and other obstacles that keep us from reaching goals.

Reign Ivanova

Kantan & Company gave us an innovative system that has made it easier to reach our target audience. Now, we don’t have to worry about missing out on potential business opportunities. With the marketing automation tool, we know the right people are seeing our business.

Harvey William

In the short time we’ve worked with Kantan & Company, we have already experienced the benefits of its solutions. We have managed to increase follow-ups and improve closing rates with the real estate lead generation software and marketing automation system.

Damon Patrick