SEO Services Solely for Non-Profit Organizations in Los Angeles

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) services for the non-profit sector in Los Angeles, Kantan & Company is the name you can trust. We implement strategies that suit your organization’s unique marketing needs and overall vision.

Why Your Non-Profit Organization Needs SEO

We understand that running a social enterprise, a business as a ministry, or any other non-profit organization comes with challenges different from operating a typical business. For one, you probably don’t gain considerable revenue to expand your operations and further advance your cause. You also likely don’t have an in-house team that can create and monitor an elaborate digital marketing campaign to boost your brand awareness. This is where our SEO services come in. We’re here to build and run a solid, results-driven SEO campaign for you.

How Our SEO Services Work

SEO involves implementing strategies that make your website highly visible on Google and other search engines for relevant queries. Say, you run a vegetarian restaurant in downtown Los Angeles as a social enterprise. When you have a solid SEO campaign, people searching on Google for the next vegetarian restaurant to try in LA will likely find your website and may become interested in what you offer. Simply put, SEO brings you closer to potential clients who can help sustain your social enterprise and support your cause.

We cater solely to non-profit organizations in Los Angeles, CA. This makes our strategies focused on getting the fuel you need: a community of supporters. We do keyword research, local optimization, blog outreach, and other SEO strategies based on your specific demographics of supporters. Our team also takes into account that your growth doesn’t necessarily depend on revenue increase, but on the number of supporters you have. Count on our campaigns to have metrics aligned with your goals.

Almost everyone today goes online to search for information before making a decision what to purchase. You may not be a typical business that sells products for profit, but you still have to capitalize on the power of online marketing to attract supporters and give them the information they need to join you in your cause.

Ready to boost your organization’s visibility online? Call us today for a free consultation.